Seabery Soldamatic Augmented Training Machines

“The most realistic welding training experience aside from actual welding” – Seabery Augmented Technology

What is Soldamatic?

Soldamatic™ machines offer augmented reality-based training to those learning to weld, using welding masks, TIG pedals and transfer modes, it works with realistic welding equipment to give learners an authentic welding experience.

Soldamatic™ is powered by HyperReal SIM™, a multi-sensory experience that incorporates physical elements of welding with Augmented reality technology. The Soldamatic™ software creates a hyperrealist experience of welding making it the most complex and professional welding training platform.

What are the benefits of Soldamatic training machines?

Soldamatic™ training machines result in 84% less accidents, a 56% decrease of real time in learning, and 34% more certified welders than traditional methods. As well as this, Soldamatic™ uses green technology which reduces the material waste of welding training by 68%.

The virtual learning experience allows students to learn basic skills and abilities before moving to real welding environments. The work of students can be managed and monitored by course leaders remotely, allowing students and teachers to identify achievements and areas of improvement.

We very proudly supplied Cornwall College with a Soldamatic training suite in 2023. Take a look at the video below to see how beneficial these machines are to welders in training.


Welding Simulator – The analysis module provides each student with a profile in which progress, videos, and exercises are stored. The device is small and light (less than 40 cm high and 10 KG). Manufactured in Europe with ISO 9001 / 14001 certification. CE/FCC marked. Uses standard sockets. The front panel is based on the actual power supply, being able to modify voltage, amperage, gas, etc. Easy-to-use interface, translated into more than 33 languages.

Controller/Stand Server – With real amperage for TIG welding.

Real Torches – For TIG, MIG and MMA welding with electrode rod and filler rod. Made by Abicor Binzel

Real Welding Helmet – Real welding mask with lens.

Real Welding Gloves – A Pair of real welding gloves.

Workstand – Positioner for welding parts that can be levelled at different heights and positions.

Cloud or on premises server – Soldamatic allows exercises and courses to be saved in a database in the cloud or a centralized database.

Welding Joints – The extensive catalogue of welding joints incorporates Soldamatic models from the most basic joints used in welding training, to the joints based on practices and industrial environments: shipbuilding, railway, automotive, and pipelines, among others.

JWS have been supplying these impressive welding training sets for over 7 years, making us the leading supplier of Soldamatics™ in the Southwest.

Please contact us to discuss the different packages available, and step into the future of welding training!