What is a CP7 Gas Inspection?

The British Compressed Gases Association (BGCA) Code of practise 7 outlines the safe use of oxy-fuel gas equipment (individual portable or mobile cylinder supply). It also provides the minimum safety standards required for the assembly, examination, inspection, maintenance and use of individual, portable or mobile cylinder Oxy-fuel or Argon gas equipment.

The code of practise states that an annual maintenance of Oxy-acetylene, Propane and Argon equipment should be carried out by a person who has been formally trained.

How we can help

Our engineer has undertaken The Weldgas Oxy Fuel Gas Inspectors Assured Programme and holds a current Inspectors Card allowing him to carry out the following in your workplace:

  • A full equipment inspection to meet your legal requirements and industry code of practice
  • A report on equipment condition and a certificate of inspection
  • A visual, function and leak check of Gas Regulators, Flashback Arrestors, Hoses and Gas Cutting & Welding Torches

 *Please get in touch via phone or email to book in your CP7 Inspection*