EWM Xnet

EWM are one of the global market leaders in welding technology, which makes investing in these machines worthwhile. Their high-quality range of machines include MIG/MAG, TIG, Microplasma and portable MMA welders. Not only do EWM produce impressive welding machines, but they also design innovative management software’s such as ‘Xnet’.

What is Xnet?

The Xnet system interconnects all EWM welding units in a work place and produces measurable benefits of welding parameters and presents them in real time to ensure they remain within safe limits. Welding supervisors and managers are also alerted immediately and can examine the operations of all devices whilst they are in use or by reviewing the recorded measurements.

The Xnet system can also indicate where savings can be made and provides reminders of machine maintenance, features like this provide early detection which in the long run avoids defects and minimizes production loss and repair costs.

What can Xnet do?

Range of functions available with the Xnet system:

• Machines/machine status visible via the network
• Monitoring of welding parameters in real time
• Recording of welding data
• Welding machine maintenance
• Information scanning as QR and/or barcode
• Costs and consumption per QR and/or barcode
• Analysis of the welding efficiency
• Calculation of the consumption for one or more machines
• Display of the most important information on the dashboard

How does Xnet help me?

The EWM Xnet system modules and components are customised to meet the requirements of individual users based on company type and size. Additional modules can be purchased and fit at any time, allowing the system to grow with your organisation.

The three key benefits of the EWM Xnet system is its quality assurance and improvement, increased productivity and cost reduction.

Quality Assurance and Improvement:

  • Long-term records of weld quality and welding parameters
  • On-time monitoring of parameters on welding machine and clear assignment of required welder qualifications to reduce errors
  • Mandatory specifications from component management ensure that correct parameters are always set
  • Xbutton ensures expert welding and supports welding coordination personnel by identifying welder qualifications.

Increased Productivity

  • Longer arc times per shift improve efficiency
  • Paperless transfer of all relevant data directly to workplace
  • Pre-set welding parameters reduce the number of error corrections
  • Fewer unnecessary downtimes thanks to prompt consumption-oriented maintenance notes

Cost Reduction

  • Consumption values for power, gas and welding consumables are recorded to recognise potential savings
  • Prompt maintenance instructions lead to a minimised consumption of wear parts
  • Transparent processes ensure constructive controlling with the option of precise final costing

The EWM Xnet is an innovative system that not only improves productivity, lowers costs and ensures quality but it future proofs metal working companies and the welding industry!

Get in contact with us today to find out more, and see what Xnet can do for your company!